Thursday, August 19, 2004

A Prophecy Fulfilled

See, didn't I tell y'all that eventually I'd get bad about posting regularly?

The truth is, that was the last night on our vacation that I had Internet access, and when I got back home, it was right into teaching summer school. That experience, I'll say, culminating in me doing my bone-headed-est thing ever, (namely, tripping over a kid's ankle, and whacking my ankle-bone on the it didn't break, I'll never, ever know) especially given that the student involved is not the one that takes off running 10 times a day. In fact, the student in question had been having her best 5 weeks ever....

So, now that I've bungled my right ankle to match the left one that I injured in the same way years ago, I am now struggling to build up the stamina needed to drive again. See, I lost most of my strength and a good portion of my range of motion, which makes driving...challenging.

Anyhow, I've got a couple of weeks now until I go back to teaching (gulp), and I've been trying to rest up and get my bleeping DSL to work. I had absolutely no problems with earthlink dial-up (and am in fact using it now) but the DSL has given me nothing but fits. I'm about ready to ditch it, except that I hate the notion of having to send everyone I know a new email address again.

TiVo's a cool thing for watching the Olympics, I have to say. I got my mom one for her birthday, and it's full of equestrian stuff, while mine has been grabbing all the diving and gymnastics.

Speaking of -- I usually don't watch men's gymnastics, but someone mentioned the incredible comeback of tonight, so I decided to watch it. Hoo boy -- the winner's reaction was so cool (just in case someone doesn't know who it is, I won't name him) -- he thought he had, if he was lucky, gotten bronze, and when one of the coaches called him "Olympic champion," he shook his head 'no.'

Anyway, cool.

And, kudos to the Romanian women's team yesterday. They did great, and really deserved to win. I was sad to see that the one gymnast from 2000 (the one who was disqualified from the all-around for taking Sudafed, of all things) wasn't there, especially with Svetlana Khorkina still around (major attitude change from that one, huh?) -- I would have loved to see how she did this time around.

Oh -- one other item of note. My mom and Patrick adopted a dog...a big white thing named Ice. He's 2 1/2, right smack dab in the doggie version of the teenage years, so I've been helping to train him. He's a good dog, eager to please, but (thanks in no part to the German shepherd in him (the shelter said he was a shepherd-samoyed mix, but we think he's got some Akita in there too)) he can have a mind of his own, and needs to know who's boss.

My domain has been up-and-down lately, but when it's working, I'll post some links to pictures, both of our trip, and of Ice.