Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Birthday Weirdness

So, just for fun, I often check the birthdays on imdb.com.  One of the birthdays today was Bruce Gray, whose face I kinda recognized from the picture.

A quick check of his page confirms that he was Ian's dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding (a.k.a. the quiet lawyer dad, not the roasting-lamb-in-the-yard dad).

However, as I page-downed my way through the page, my eye caught the usual filmed-in-Canada stuff (Outer Limits, Stargate, etc.) -- which is, incidentally, where MBFGW was filmed.

Anyway, I'm paging down, and I see Star Trek: Enterprise.

I stop.

I boggle.


Ian's dad = Surak of Vulcan, Father of All They Now....


That is almost...almost...as bad as Winona Ryder playing Amanda.

Or...oh, good Lord, I can't stop looking....

Weepy Girl (Cameron?) from House playing Kirk's mom, conveniently enough named Winona Kirk?

And we've already ranted about McCoy-Leonard-McCoy.

(Why I'm stuck on him being Caesar-Julius-Caesar and not Eomer, I don't know, but there you have it.)

And, explain to me Bruce Greenwood as Chris Pike.  Chris wasn't that much older than Kirk and company....

And we're not even going to get into Zachary Quinto saying that Sylar and Spock have some things in common, 'cause he doesn't think about good or evil when he plays a character.  Dude, sociopath-emotionless so does not equal Vulcan-Passion's-Mastery.


However, to give credit where it's due, it's nice that Christopher Doohan gets a cameo.


Forget all the other changes for iTunes 8 -- I'm digging one simple one:

"Play Genre."

I know there were ways to do this before, but this is neat and simple.  I like it.

And, why, yes, I do have 72 albums of Celtic music.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Still Here

Just a quick post.

1.  I am still here.

2.  I am coughing up a lung at the moment, thanks to either the cough/cold that Sixth Grade Teacher JT caught or to the gunk from moving causing an allergy attack, or both.

3.  The class is still (knock on wood) doing fairly well.  Smiley was a bit grumpy today and Drama Queen (Fourth Grade Girl A) had one moment Friday, but so far, so good.