Friday, July 18, 2008

Holy Relapse, Batman

Oops.  Spoke too soon.  I feel like I've been hit with a truck, my eyes hurt, and I had one of my not-fun stomach aches this afternoon while at the same time being so tired that all I wanted to do was lay down and sleep.

(Apparently, I eventually did...but all I remember is laying there hoping it wouldn't get so bad I had to get up and move.)

Meanwhile, io9 has a teaser poster picture of Sy--whoops, I mean Spock.

I rather wish, now, that I hadn't watched Heroes.

(I am now re-watching Heroes with Patrick, so that hopefully we can have a weekly "date" and watch it together, so he can protect me when Claire is flayed alive and such (blech).  We have made it up to the first instance of "Flying man!" and Patrick is very amused.)

Anyway....while Zachary Quinto's facial features do, indeed, bear a striking resemblance to Leonard Nimoy in the 60s...those eyes...those eyes are Sylar's.

(I think I've said before that I can spot actors even under many layers of sci-fi makeup, often because of the eyes.)

And, you know, Spock wasn't a brain-eating sociopath.

So, you know, "Shi'Kahr, we have a problem."  Especially, I imagine, when Spock is at his most restrained and emotionally controlled -- given that Sylar at his most sociopathic tends to be quiet and emotionless.

And we won't even get into "McCoy, Leonard McCoy."  (And, yes, I have more trouble with the fact that Karl Urban was "Caesar, Julius Caesar," than I do with the fact that he was Eomer and Cupid.

It does worry me a bit that the main poster (all four parts here) includes a bad guy, Spock, Kirk, and Uhura.  I mean...what the heck?  It was always Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. Sure, Nichelle Nichols deserved a bigger part (or, at the least, to have her character's name spelled right in the credits of Star Trek VI), but...Uhura?

(By the way, and totally unrelated:  yay.)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Slowly Recovering

Had a bit more energy today...didn't even take a 3 hour nap (of course, that was because I was copying progress reports for summer school and renting a car).

Today was Superhero's last day.  :-(

In other news, the current TV Guide has a rather perplexing cover:

You'll notice at the bottom that it says:

Now, maybe I'm splitting hairs here, but "fall in love" does not equal "get together."  They were in love during the series.

(Also, I find it very amusing that the fandom term 'ship originated with X-Files.  It's so ubiquitous now, but I remember having to explain it if I slipped and used it.)

Anyhow, I realize that it was debated heavily through most of the series, but she had his kid, and the last shot of the series finale was of them cuddling in bed together.

Now, do they ride off into the sunset together?  Who knows? they "fall in love?"

What show were you watching?

This rant brought to you by one of my all-time favorite fandom quotes ever:  "By the sixth season, there weren't no 'sub' in that there 'text.'"

Replies and brain-intensive stuff probably coming tomorrow or Saturday.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Brain Freeze

I am tired.  I know I owe replies and computer fixes and the like to some of you, but I'm just not up to it right now.

Meanwhile, go read the blog Rachel (of Signing Time) wrote about her family's recent vacation.

The point -- for me -- isn't so much "aww, what a wonderful mom!" (though Rachel is, and the post proves what she'll do for her girls) or even "good Lord, that can't possibly be little baby Lucy I remember from when I worked as an aide," (which is roughly the same reaction I had to an earlier post about Leah's birthday, since it made me realize that the kindergarten-aged kids I worked with when I was an aide are all in, or about to be in, middle school now), but "why call something a glass-bottomed boat if it's an unaccessible submarine" and "why can't the submarine be accessible?"

Back when the new Nemo subs opened at Disneyland, I wondered roughly the same thing -- why couldn't they have a cherry-picker type platform lift?

It also makes me remember the field trip we took to the little zoo thing they have at the community college whose name now escapes me.  They were advertised as fully accessible, but within fifteen minutes, I was carrying the front of one boy's manual wheelchair while his mom carried the back, and several of the strongest male aides we had were trying to get another boy's power chair out of loose gravel.

I do mean to talk about this more, but see above (or below) re: exhausted.


Without getting into gross details, I have figured out why I've been so tired the last couple of weeks, and I feel like smacking my head and yelling "duh!" at myself.

For the last two or three months, I've had an unusual numbers of the insane, horrible, oh-my-God-I-want-to-die stomach aches** that accompanied my brush with mononucleosis as a kid.

** I hate doctors.  Hate them hate them hate them.  And yet, when I would get those stomach aches, the only thing that kept me from insisting someone take me to the hospital (if for no other reason than to be sedated) was the thought of sitting in a car (or, God forbid, laying down) because the pain got worse when I sat.

(Googling today has revealed that that's not as uncommon as I thought; apparently, it's quite likely my spleen was swollen.  Yikes.  It can also, apparently, affect liver function, which explains why the doctors at Amie's mom's office way back when first thought I had hepatitis.)

I got those four or five times a week in the months leading up to getting really, horribly sick with mono, and ever since then, I get one or two a year.

Anyhow, there is a gross, TMI way (visual only; it's not THAT gross) I used for years to gauge the likelihood of a Stomach Ache of Doom in my future, but I've been sloppy lately.

Well, today, when I pried myself out of bed (after a several-hour nap yesterday and going to bed relatively early), I employed my TMI way of determining the state of my recurrent virus.


Call it Chronic Fatigue, call it relapsing mono, or call it Epstein Barr: the quick answer is -- utter exhaustion.  No wonder I've had such trouble keeping up with stuff this week.

By the way...I am one of apparently only 6 percent of people that get recurrent symptoms from mono, and one of very few people who get the nifty Alice in Wonderland side effect as well.

Maybe someone else should do the driving for a while?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Belated Pictures

Because I am diabolical that way, Amie's comment that Patrick looks so grown up reminded me that I wasn't keeping the blog up when Patrick took Chaline to the prom.

So, to go along with the "so grown up" theme, here are a couple of pictures of the happy couple.

Well, What Do You Know?


There actually was an Iolaus, according to Greek mythology, and he did help Hercules with his labors.

He was just Hercules's nephew, instead of his buddy.


Okay, I know Disney is Disney, but for crying out loud, people -- why aren't there coloring pages that aren't the Disney Hercules?

Part of the kids' journals each day looks like this:

One week I did an ocean theme, one week a sports theme, one week a Fourth of July theme...and this week, I'm trying to do a mythology theme to go with the stories we've been reading.  I did okay yesterday finding a picture of Zeus, but...geesh.

(By the way, I'm slowing increasing the size of the box for the period, to fade the prompt that it comes last.  So far, everyone can identify it.  :-) )

Well...back to google.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Things I Learned When Watching 10,000 B.C.

1.  The Emmerich brothers have a thing for ancient Egypt.

2.  The Emmerich brothers have a thing for the year 10,000 B.C.  (Unless it's been way too long since I watched Stargate, I believe that's when Ra first showed up there.)

3.  The Emmerich brothers have a thing for the "it tastes like chicken" gag.

4.  The Emmerich brothers have a thing for revolts.

5.  The "wise blind man" motif is alive and well, unfortunately.  This time, complete with weird, creepy voice.

6.  There is no number 6.

7. At some point, the Emmerich brothers will probably do a movie about Atlantis, given that they referenced Stargate in one breath and Atlanteans in the next (loosely quoted, "Some say they from the sky.  Others say they flew across the ocean after their land sank to the bottom of the sea.").

8.  The Emmerich brothers think ancient Egyptians all wore long gold fake fingernails (what the heck?).

9.  If there was an Independence Day reference, I missed it.

10.  Stargate was awesome.  Independence Day was very, very good (except for the whole president's wife = Laura Roslin thing...).  This one was...meh.

Commercial Pointlessness

Okay, I realize the big digital TV transition is a big deal.

However -- what on Earth is the point of advertising on local cable?  If you have cable you don't have to worry about the digital TV thing in the first place...even the commercial says this.

Also?  The commercial that says the digital TV transition was mandated because -- note that conjuntion...because -- the picture is so much better.


The government wanted to auction off the over-the-air wireless spectrum for lots of money.

End of story.