Saturday, April 26, 2008

Marketing Gone Horribly Awry

I just got a catalog featuring clothes exclusively of sizes zero to three.

Because people who shop at Catherine's would really, really want those size two capris....


Friday, April 25, 2008

I Heart Adama

This is not so much of a spoiler as...well, okay, it's a tiny bit of a spoiler, but....

So, Adama has this book that he wants to read to Roslin.  (The how and why and all that are the spoilers, but never mind.)  She says she can't remember the ending.  He says he doesn't know the ending because he's never read it.

"But it's your favorite," she says.

He says something along the line of, "I like it so much, I don't want it to end, so I've never read the ending."

I seriously considered not watching the final episode of Deep Space Nine.  I never did watch the final episode of Babylon 5.  I did not watch the last episode of Voyager.

There's a whole slew of final episodes I've never watched -- for precisely that reason.

I'm rather surprised I actually read through to the end of Deathly Hallows, except that while I really enjoy Harry Potter, I was never all that emotionally invested in it besides enjoying the series and being curious as to whether I was right.

Anyway, I suddenly felt a sudden surge of affection for good ol' Bill.

(Also?  Can human-form Cylons age?  'Cause if they can, I have a very interesting theory about Ellen....)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I have the horrible feeling that Patrick will wheedle his way into a Disneyland trip this weekend as well.  I have a gazillion and five things to do (my grand plan of getting ahead was called off on Monday when I found out about New Boy B, and my semi-grand plan of getting at least caught up was called off on Tuesday when Lore refused to mount my Boardmaker CD for about half an hour and made me work until nearly 11:00 to finish up the stuff I needed to make for him) and really can't afford the time.

But...they're the monorails.  They're Patrick's thing.


If only it were winter when our passes were good on Fridays...we could go for dinner, hop on the monorail (who am I kidding; every Disney geek within 4 hours of the west coast will be doing the same'd be more like "wait in line until closing time for the monorail and then go have McDonalds because you missed dinner."  Oooh, or Sonic.  I love Sonic. I'd kill for a sour apple slush right now. I wish we had Sonic...all those commercials on Time Warner cable are so unfair.).

Remember the good ol' days when I was at least a week ahead of the game for homework and journals?  Or two weeks ahead on News-2-You?  Or -- get this -- a month ahead with Charlie?

Yeah, me too.

Bad News in a Good Way

Prince John:  I don't want to hear any bad news. So, what kind of news is it?
Sheriff of Rottingham: Well, to be perfectly frank, it's bad.
Prince John: [shouts] I knew it! I knew it would be bad news. Wait, I have an idea. Maybe if you tell me the *bad* news in a *good* way, it wouldn't sound so bad.
Sheriff of Rottingham: [thinking] The bad news in a good way. Yes, I can do that. The bad news in a good way. Well, here it goes.
Sheriff of Rottingham: W-wait till you hear this! I just saw Robin of Locksley, he's back from the crusades. 
Sheriff of Rottingham: You know, he just beat the *crap* out of me and my men.
Sheriff of Rottingham: He hates you and he loves your brother, Richard!
Sheriff of Rottingham: And...
Sheriff of Rottingham: ... he wants to see you hanged!
Sheriff of Rottingham: We, we're in a lot of trouble! 
[laughs and snorts loudly]
Prince John: [furious] What, are you crazy? Why are you laughing? This is terrible news!
So, let me give this a try....

Well, we're getting a temporary additional six hour aide!  Hooray!  How awesome for us!  Finally.

(in tiny, quiet voice)

We also get the kid who has several fall-to-the-floor seizures a day, who can't be outside if it's over 90 degrees (which royally screws up APE, which he gets), and who requires injections to stop some seizures that Nurse P won't train us to do, so we get to call an ambulance if he's seizing for more than 5 or 8 minutes (different documents say different things) and we can't get ahold of dad.

Yay us?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Delayed Reactions

Superhero is known for having delayed reactions to things.  Some big things take a couple of days.  Small stuff can take a few minutes to an hour.

Despite Aide J being out (again) and having no sub (again), Superhero handled the day fairly well, until after recess when Bulldozer hit him for no (apparent) reason.

It took 10 minutes for Superhero to realize what happened, so he turned and hit me.


I think I have everything done for New Boy B, though I still have lingering concerns over our ability to keep him safe and adequately supervised.  I doubt anything will be done about it, though I did mention to Principal S that if he does come, it'll be imperative that, if at all possible, someone covers any openings I have.  None of this "Oh, J is out and there's no sub" stuff.

Incidentally, she has missed 15 days of this past school year.  If she were a kid, she'd have gotten an excessive absences letter.

Know what's scary?

That's three weeks.

She has missed three weeks of work.

That's half of what Aide T missed after having surgery.

I have missed two days this year.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Pictures and Suspicions

This is my favorite of the bunch (darn the hazy sky, though).

At Seasons of the Vine, in CA Adventure.  Right now, I'm enamored of playing with the aperture in order to blur backgrounds and such.  It's also very much hit and miss right now, but using the zoom lens seems to be a quick shortcut.

Yes, Patrick, putting your hand up will stop the giant wave of water about to crash on your head.

The full album can be found here.

In other news, Aide T was out today.  We (or at least I) knew that.

So when Male Aide J walks in (the space cadet one) and says, "I'm here for Aide J," I stared at him for a minute.

"You're here for...who, now?"

"Aide J."

"No way.  Are you sure?"


So I call the office and they confirm that, yes, he's there for Aide J.

A few minutes later, who walks up to the door but Sub Aide C, who has the unfortunate tendency to annoy many students just by her very existence.

"I'm here for Aide T," she said.

Good, I thought, because if you said you were here for Aide S, I was gonna go home.

We actually...survived okay.  I plopped myself down with Elastigirl on one side and M on the other.  Aide S sat with M on one side and Superhero on the other.  Essentially, I had Elastigirl, she had Superhero, and we shared M.

Mr. Voice had a happy morning because he got breaks unless one of the two of us (who have been DT trained) was available to work with him.

Space Cadet I sat with Princess and Sleeping Beauty, because C tends to set off both of them, and after the Sleeping Beauty Incident on Friday, that was the last thing I wanted.

So I put C with Angel, PH, and Bulldozer.  It was...interesting.

But, we did make it, with some reshuffling of lunches (the last thing I could do was News-2-You, which tends to be a troublesome time anyway, without ANYbody who knew either the kids or how to do News-2-You).  Funnily enough, we began with the familiar refrain from last year:  "Aide S, do you want Elastigirl or everybody else?"

Today, she took Elastigirl.

Anyway, that's the fourth or fifth time that Aide J has managed to be absent on a day when someone else was going to be out too.  Hmph.

And yet, that's not even part...of the day.  I'm getting another new boy -- this one has multiple disabilities (no worries), hemiplegia (also no worries), and seizures (some worries).

Why some worries?  Apparently, noise level can be a trigger for them.

Err...y'all who made this decision (namely, Program Specialist SBS)...have y'all heard Mr. Voice lately?

Then, I spent 20 minutes arguing with my printer for printing blank pages, when it was a teeeny, tiny Boardmaker margin error where it really thought there was another page that happened to be blank.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Eesh, that's what I get for sleeping away most of last week in a double-dose-of-Zyrtec-induced fog.  I just now finished the stuff that needed doing for the coming week.

Of course, this was the weekend that Patrick decided he wanted to go to Disneyland to ride his birthday rides by himself.  I should have protested more, except that after a very, very warm week, the temperature was pretty decent.

I had a lobster lollipop -- and, coming from someone with huge texture issues with most seafood, I must say: yum!  (It could be that I will eat anything that's been fried and covered in panko, but who knows?)

But, knowing that I'd be stressed as the time ticked slowly by, I did something I haven't done in a really long time -- I rode absolutely no rides and just wandered around with my SLR, with 75-300 lens attached, and took lots and lots of pictures (which are very SLOOOOLY being transferred over to poor Data, because my old card reader does not fit with my new computer -- a situation I must remedy forthwith, because it already drained one battery...which is what I get for shooting about half the pictures in RAW because the stupid camera kept popping up the totally unnecessary flash).


Anyway, took lots and lots of pictures, some of which I will upload three months from now when the camera is done importing them.  I had so much fun, I'll probably go back in a few weeks with the kit lens (35 - 70ish, I think) attached to get some of the wider shots.