Sunday, January 09, 2005

I'm Back

So, I'm back from CES, which was fun. Driving actually wasn't too bad; there was some fog in the Cajon pass both ways, and a heck of a lot of rain in Pasadena on the way back, but nothing like everyone was saying was going to happen. Apparently, all the rain dumped itself on the valley while I wasn't here.

It took about an hour extra to drive back, but I'm really tired, and it felt like it took 20 hours. Unfortunately, I have an IEP to write tonight (and to hold tomorrow) but then I can zone, watch my TiVo, and go to bed.

I will post more about CES tomorrow, including some of the cool things I saw, but I think my favorite part was the free sample copies of more or less all of the tech magazines in the world.

Oh, and the LV monorail is very useful, especially when it costs $20 to park at the convention center. For $10, I got unlimited rides on it for 24 hours, which got me to the MGM Grand from the Aladdin for lunch, then back to CES, then back to the Aladdin, then back this morning to CES, and then back to the car -- all while the car was parked for free. :-)

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