Saturday, January 29, 2005


Well, it's been quite a week.

Or two.

Don't remember the last time I posted.

A hearty welcome to the exhausting world of teaching to iluvpchem! :-)

Things have been crazy as usual.

We had staff development days Thursday and Friday, but the beginning of the week was very long and very stressful. It was "pick on Jennifer" week for some unknown reason, which is Not Fun ordinarily, but even less fun when my grandma's back in the hospital. Emphysema is not fun.

I have a couple of IEPs coming up this month, but they shouldn't be too bad. I'm not at all sure what goals to write, but I'm usually not until I sit down to actually write it. That is, I'm not consciously aware of what goals I want to write -- but generally, they flow pretty well once I actually get down to the business of it.

I think this weekend's going to be pretty boring. I thought I might have to go into school to work, but I got finished after all, which is nice. We'll see how this week goes. :-)

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