Tuesday, February 01, 2005


No explorer ever set off into the unknown because it was safe, but it's still sad when people pay the price for expanding our knowledge...

Memorial (words: Misty Lackey, music: "Ballad of Springhill")
When you sing of Columbia or the Eagle
And reach for the stars as your ultimate goal.
Recall who fell along the way,
For the star-road takes a fearful toll,
The star-road takes a fearful toll.

And it might have been Armstrong, Aldrin, Cernan,
Shepard, Carpenter, Cooper, or Glenn.
They all knew well the questor's fee,
And the star-road's paved with the lives of men,
The star-road's paved with the lives of men.

For the price was paid on a winter evening
When "Fire in the spacecraft!" somebody said.
In smoke and flame the shadow passed
And in Capsule Twelve three men were dead,
In Capsule Twelve three men were dead.

Forget not yet who paid the forfeit
To conquer the stars in the Eagle's flight.
"It's worth the price." they said who paid:
Grissom, Chaffee, and Edward White.
Grissom, Chaffee, and Edward White.
To the men of Apollo 1....
January 1967

2 years since Columbia; 17 years since Challenger; 38 since Apollo 1.

But we've also set up a permanently habited space station, landed on asteroids and other planets, and set foot on a surface not tied on the Earth.

And, someday, I'm sure, we'll build other Columbias, and other Challengers. I think it would be fitting if our next-generation shuttle fleet had one of each. And a Grissom ("D'oh!" she says as she realizes where that name came from...), a Chaffee, a White, a McAuliffe, and so on and so forth.

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Anonymous said...

I want a life!! HAHA.

Actually I'd be happy with being able to "sleep in" till 6:30. I love leaving my apartment at 6:15.....really I do.

I also love my computers class. "How to open a file on a mac" Super. At least I'll learn how to make a website ;)

Have a great rest of the week.