Saturday, March 19, 2005

Hello From Buena Park

Howdy from my fold-out couch at the Hampton Inn & Suites on Orangethorpe.

Tomorrow, my mom, brother, and I are going to Disneyland to celebrate Patrick's birthday. What my mom didn't know until after she'd come up with this brilliant idea for a birthday surprise was that the Buzz Lightyear ride opened Friday.

Oh, and, the rain, which might have kept crowds down, is over.

It is going to be flippin' packed.

I wouldn't mind too much, really, except that I have to go to work Monday since our spring break doesn't start until Friday (Thursday afternoon, when we could have left early, our speech therapist invited the assistive tech. people to come and talk to us from 1 to 3...).

If we happen to luck out and happen to get to ride it, I'll post about it.

Otherwise, happy Sunday to everyone.

Meanwhile, I'm going to finish watching Matilda on TBS.

Oh -- and I got my ftp access working. There's a new story at my website.

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