Saturday, June 23, 2007

Brief, More-Or-Less Non-Spoilery Stargate Comments

  1. Why is it that guys look horrible in "old" makeup, but girls look more-or-less normal?
  2. Awww, Vala.  (About halfway through...and again right near the end -- though the saying-it-without-saying-it was a tad uncomfortably close to Farscape.)
  3. Grrr, Daniel.  See #2.
  4. *snicker* It's not my birthday.
  5. *snicker* I'd like to argue with "only."
  6. Go, Cam!  Hold her hand!
  7. Amanda Tapping looks oddly like Meg Ryan when she cries.  I said that back in "Singularity," and I'll say it again now.
  8. Boo for Landry getting the last line.  Just sayin.
  9. The original Stargate-pulling-back-to-reveal-Ra's-mask theme!  Yay!
Hm.  B on first, fast-foward-to-the-'shippy-parts (and the cello discussion, 'cause I was confused about the cello...) viewing.

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