Monday, July 23, 2007

What to Call a Remake of a Remake?

I loved Escape to Witch Mountain as a child.  I even have the book -- which, in true Disney fashion, has little in common with the film.

Most people probably won't remember that the Disney Channel (or ABC -- I forget which) did a remake of the movie in the 90s sometime, which bore even less resemblance to the original, but which was a cute movie.

Apparently, they're at it again.


Mz. Cat said...

I recall the remake sort of...

SpooWriter said...

Aaaah, but are you thinking of the actual remake of 1995, or the sequel Return From Witch Mountain of 1978? :-)

I liked the sequel moderately all right until Lord of the Rings existed, and after seeing Christopher Lee play Saruman, I just couldn't watch him as Victor. I know he was in a lot of B movies in his career, but...bleh.