Tuesday, October 30, 2007

At Least I'm Not the Only One

I have no particular affection one way or the other for Robert Goulet.  I'm sorry for his family, naturally, but it's kind of like looking at a local obituary page -- I have no attachment to him specifically.

Except for one thing.

Ever since I read the news that he'd died, I've had the song "Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen" from A Chorus Line stuck in my head, because of this verbal aside during one of the verses:

"Robert Goulet!  Robert Goulet!  My God, it's Robert Goulet!"

("Too young to take over / Too old to ignore / Gee, I'm almost ready / But what for?")

Later in the song, it's:

"Steve McQueen's real sexy.  Bob Goulet out, Steeve McQueenie in."

("Why do I pay for all those lessons? / Dance for grandma!  Dance for grandma!")

Fortunately, at least two people in this thread had the same reaction.

I may be weird, but at least I have company.

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