Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Superhero Logic

So, Superhero has had enough of Bulldozer taking all of the adults' attention, and showed us this today by imitating -- step by step -- a Bulldozer meltdown.  Of course, I was wise to the real purpose to this, and as such, reacted in a totally different way to a Bulldozer meltdown.

After he had calmed down (by himself and after no more verbal redirection other than a quiet "Sit down" -- not to mention doing most of my visual prompts from behind) I grabbed his flip 'n' talk.  Using the pictures, I told him that I was disappointed in him and asked how he felt.  He pointed to "sad" and "lonely," then flipped to the page with various "____ hurts" messages.  He touched the generic "I hurt" and then pointed to "I can't find it" and "I want to say something else."

So, all things considered, I felt pretty lousy for him.

Not 100% lousy, mind you -- I could have done without him grabbing my glasses (a move, of course, totally stolen from Bulldozer) for one thing.

The more amusing thing -- she says sarcastically -- is the Drama percolating between Aides L, K, and J.

Heh.  J, K, L.  Never noticed that before.


Anyway, Aide J made the very reasonable request during News-2-You that Aides L and K stop chatting (Aide S was running the lesson, as I was busy with Bulldozer) while the kids were supposed to be reading.

(You'd think that given all of the rule practicing we've done, they might come up with that idea -- namely, modeling the appropriate behavior -- on their own, but this is Aide K (not exactly firing on all thrusters) and Aide L (the gossip).)

Anyhow, they were chatting while it was time for M to read.

So Aide J asked them to stop.

They apparently were snarking to each other about her at lunch and called her Nurse Ratchet.


However, Bulldozer was, as usual, better today than yesterday.  After his imitation attempt, Superhero was pretty okay.  M survived the day without going totally insane (which she was on the cusp of all day).  The Boss (formerly known as Girl J) actually finished her work (she's really quite the sweetie when she's not being a stubborn pre-teen girl).

Plus, the OTs took them for a whole half hour to do a whole class obstacle course.  Yay.  :-)

Of course, that meant that we didn't quite get as far in Second Step as I wanted to, but oh well.

Hooray for half days tomorrow (which may not be long for the world, if the scuttlebutt in the staff room was right today).

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Mz. Cat said...

Obstacle course ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!