Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Part Two

The Good:  My hair is back in the "style with your fingers" phase.  The top is finally almost the right length, though of course it doesn't lay quite the way it did at Fantastic Sam's.  I still had to endure the stylist asking me fifteen times if I really wanted my hair that short...I don't know how else to say, "If it were longer, it'd be pulled back into a severe ponytail.  No matter how short you cut it, it'll actually look like more hair than it used to be."  Sigh.

The Bad:  Haircuts are among my least favorite things in the universe.  Imagine being hypersensitive to touch, disliking touch from behind (especially if you don't know it's coming), being hypersensitive about your personal space, and disliking immensely hair touching your ears.

Also?  Flipping onto New Year's Rockin' Eve in the middle of "Before He Cheats," and having the chorus -- and the chorus only -- stuck in my head for the following...well...it's still there....

The Ugly:  Watching someone get their eyebrows plucked with string.  Yuck!  (I have the SpooWriter's-Surname Family Eyebrows, though not as bad as Patrick...I don't quite have the unibrow he does, but my eyebrows are definitely thick...but nothing would convince me to do that.)

Patrick and I are off to the airport in two hours for our Christmas trip...we won't have Internet access, but I may post from my iPhone.

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Where are you going??