Wednesday, January 23, 2008


So I'm using the online version of our IEP program to write Elastigirl's IEP (I find myself in the unique position of wanting to write too many goals...saying "hi," following natural cues...argh). Only problem is -- it only runs in Internet Explorer, 'cause it's an ActiveX thing.

If I get a virus from the darned thing, I'll be very upset.

For the record, Elastigirl's goals include: demonstrating 1:1 correspondence to 5 using Touch Math, sequencing the first two letters of her name (spelling the whole thing in one year is askinga lot), urinating in the toilet at least once a day (this is a huge new development!), identifying 2 pictures per week from a field of three (up from one a week from a field of two), retaining a total of 30 pictures over the school year, getting her signature stamp in a box (right now, we're happy if it's on the paper), and requesting attention appropriately from all people in her environment.

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