Sunday, January 27, 2008

To Boldly Go

So, this weekend, I channeled my inner geek and went to see Star Trek: The Tour.  It was pretty cool -- I think the neatest thing for me were the set replicas (some of which you could actually stand in/on, but Patrick had stomach trouble and didn't want to wait -- as you can imagine, those lines were the longest).  I took a few pictures, but like a certain blogger who I used to have a horrible crush on, and now read 'cause he's an awesome writer, my camera battery died.

At least I'm in good company, eh?

Oh, and my second favorite part: they had a simulator ride (think Star Tours) where you are bringing some sort of technobabble thing to the moon -- but you're on Shuttlecraft Hawking (very cool); also, there were like 50 47s stuck into the short ride.

I've been a Trekkie since I was five, when my dad was buying the Original Series episodes on VHS tape (he correctly predicted that VHS would win the format wars because there was no way to record to Betamax at home) and showed me "The Trouble With Tribbles."  

The first three seasons of Enterprise didn't interest me (to be honest, they lost me in the first five minutes of the pilot with the bumpy-headed Klingons, a continuity gaffe that was so awful as to be ridiculous), though the fourth was vastly better (they hired Star Trek novelists who actually found a way to explain the aforementioned horrible continuity gaffe), and I'm not at all sure about the current movie, so it was nice that the exhibit focused largely on the Original Series and Next Generation.

It allowed annoyance-free nostalgia.  :-)

Where it all began.

*sniff*  "Let's see what's out there.  Engage."

"Many such adventures are possible."


Amie said...

How fun! Sorry to hear Patrick wasn't feeling great.

Mz. Cat said...

I so want to go. Wish you had called me! If you wanna go back, give me a ring and I will be there!

SpooWriter said...

*blink* I had no idea you were a Trekkie.... :-)

Mz. Cat said...

HELL YA!!!!!!! Watched all the series growing up. Watching DS-9 (Netflix) since I missed a majority of them cuz I could never remember then they were on. However, Enterprise lost my interest some where at the beginning of the second season.

SpooWriter said...

Deep Space Nine was the best written series (not surprising, since Ron Moore was involved then), but Next Generation is my sentimental favorite.

Enterprise lost me very early on, but you should give the fourth (and last) season a try. They hired Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens -- fairly well-known star Trek novelists -- as script consultants, and they managed to (1) fix most of the most glaring continuity errors and (2) write good multi-episode arcs.

(Of course, by that time, they'd lost so many viewers that the ratings never recovered, and it was cancelled just as it got good again, but such is life.)