Monday, February 11, 2008


You know how you see something every day until you need it? After re-reading the info in their catalog, I've decided to give the Test Me part of Switching on American History a try. It seemed too simple last time, but I've realized that I probably just wasn't setting it up right.

Except that, of course, it's nowhere to be found. Grr. I know I've seen it multiple times just in the last month, and I can't, for the life of me, figure out where it might be.

Meanwhile, New Boy C started today. Either whoever wrote his IEP neglected to mention that everything they said he could do was done with full hand-over-hand prompting, or he was way more traumatized than he appeared. Yikes!

It's not that I mind having to go back and teach more basic skills...that's no big. It's just that it bothers me that they skipped matching pictures, letters, and words and identifying pictures, etc., and went straight into the stuff they said he could do.

We shall see.

Also? Walmart had fake fur in the art department. I am going to see if it would be an acceptable "hair" substitute for M.

Also:  Ha!

Edited to add the d'oh moment of the day:

Me:  (after watching New Boy C be prompted to look inside his snack)  Wooow, we've got some prompt dependence going on.

Aide J:  That's bad?

Me:  ** brain broken **     ** brain broken **   *** abort / retry / fail ***

Aide T:  Uh...yes.

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