Monday, April 14, 2008

Good Ol' Science

Apparently, Southern California will have a big earthquake someday!

Gee, thanks, scientists.  I live maybe 20 miles from the interchange they keep rebuilding in exactly the same way after the every-20-years-or-so earthquakes knock it down.

And I bet the people who did this study got a huge grant for it.



Amie said...

I predict that when we have an earthquake, things will fall...probably even break. Where's my grant?

SpooWriter said...

The people who wrote the "buying cigarettes cost money" grant got all the money.

Sorry, you're out of luck.

(Amazing what a good google search will find. :-) )

Amie said...

haha, I like "people are harder to recognize the farther away they are"

that's good stuff.