Sunday, November 09, 2008


We all slip.  I know that.  I often type "withing" when I mean "within" because I type really, really fast (80-90 wpm when I really get going...around 50ish in general) and my fingers are so used to the -ing pattern that they just add it without my brain's conscious permission.

(And, yes, typing is an unconscious thing for me; I don't spell words as I type, but I do hear them in my head -- I know there's an educational term for that, but I don't recall it at the moment.)

Anyway, I know we all slip, but slips gall me more when they are made by teachers or other school-related folks.

So this just boggles the mind.


Amie said...

that's funny. Maybe somebody at some other school made it!

Maddy said...

Oh my! That is mind boggling. Thanks for the link I had forgotten about the fail blog and I always enjoy it when I visit. I'm a bit of a speed typer too and make the 'same' mistakes all the time. Maybe we can blame the 'printer / editor' for this one.