Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Creative "Power" Pun Goes Here

So I said in my Order of the Phoenix review below that you should come back for my DWP adventures.

BTW, Cat, the movie actually wasn't that crowded -- it was in one of the huge (but not IMAX) screens and I would say a good 50 to 100 seats were left open.  I'm still going again (even if I can't get Patrick to come with; the Sirius stuff was hard on him) to see it in IMAX.

Anyway, I have a bad habit on weekends of sleeping in too late and then having trouble going to bed Saturday and Sunday night.  I tried to go to bed early last night in preparation for going to see OotP this morning, but no dice.  Then, around 2:00 or so -- I'd been attempting to sleep for about 1 1/2 hours -- my window air conditioner started to make weird noises.

I keep it set fairly cool at night; I can't sleep unless I'm 'swaddled,' so to speak, in blankets.  I suppose a deep pressure vest would be a good idea for me, if they made any that fit me.

Anyhow, I figured it'd just frozen -- window ACs do that sometime -- so, since it was fairly cool, I turned it off and didn't think much more about it.  I figured I'd wake up if I got hot and turn it back on.

Well...about 5:30, a strange sound -- silence -- jolts me right awake.

The power's out.

I peer outside.

Not just us.

I look up the DWP hotline on my iPhone (yay for EDGE, even if it is slow) and report the outage; 2 others have already done so.

So, I wet a washcloth, put it over my head, and try to sleep.  I toss and turn, dozing and waking up, and finally give up about 10:30 -- nearly 5 hours since the outage was reported.

I get ready to go to lunch and the movie.  By 11:00, still no power.  The DWP is going from manhole cover to manhole cover (our utilities are all underground) to try to figure out what's wrong.

By 12:00, the power's back on.

The DWP hotline, which I'd called during lunch just out of morbid curiosity, was still set at 7:30 a.m. and didn't record any outages at all.

Which brings me to a point: given the technological development of the last couple of decades, couldn't major utility hubs have a 10 minute generator so that they can phone home and say, "Help!  A transformer blew!" or "Help!  Something overloaded me!" or even "Help!  Error!  Error!  Error!"

In other words, the utility version of a kernel panic or the Blue Screen of Doom.

'Cause, you know, if we were in a less affluent area (where people, say, wouldn't have internet connected cell phones with which to look up the hotline number) and people couldn't report the outage right away -- that would have sucked.

So now I'm sitting her contemplating re-reading Order of the Phoenix ('cause I think I remember a couple of other things that weren't in the book) and silently blessing my AC.

Oh, and Cat -- I've had Deathly Hallows pre-ordered since the day Amazon announced it.  So I'll be reading next Saturday too.  Once you have a chance to see OotP, I'd be curious to hear your reaction to my review.  :-)


Mz. Cat said...

One thought in my sleeping pill addled mind was "Danger WIll Robinson, Danger!" That could have helped! LOL!

SpooWriter said...

The "Error! Error! Error!" is from some sci-fi robot, but I don't think it was the Lost in Space Robot.

As soon as I post this comment, I'll remember which one it was.

I'm thinking Nomad from the original Star Trek, but I'm not sure.