Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Head, Meet Wall

Wank has indeed erupted.

I am taking my own advice and keeping my big mouth shut.

But here, in cyberspace, I just have to say this: While it was nice for my mother to talk "till [she] was blue in the face" to D. about M., it was not her job. She is not M's direct supervisor. She is not in charge of hiring people. She should not risking D's goodwill for her by sticking her neck out for M.

That's my grandpa's job. He's the closest thing M has to a supervisor. He's the one that hired him back when he was 13 (he's five years older than me). He's the one who trained him, who taught him, and who turned a blind eye all these years to the things M needs help with.

My aunt led a...high-risk lifestyle, shall we say, when she was married to my cousins' father. I strongly suspect both of them have traces of Fetal Alcohol Effect (not full-blown Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, but similar). M has no concept of consequence. A does not lead to B in his brain. It just doesn't. But M was always "the smart one" of all of us cousins (despite nearly failing high school math and the fact that I graduated with a 4.something GPA, but that's a favoritism rant for another day) and my grandpa just doesn't believe that this is not something M can change.

All that is really beside the point. What is the point is that this is not my mom's job, and D is not somebody that you should actively try to tick off. M did a dumb thing and while it's admirable to try and help him keep his job, my mom is almost 60 and never saved for retirement. She figures she will have to work until she's at least 75 to have enough saved to live comfortably. She is playing with fire.

Also -- and totally unrelated -- Writing With Symbols hates me. It's crashed 3 times on the same journal entry. So I suppose it either hates me, or Francis Scott Key....


amie said...

I'll I'm going to say is thank God you have this blog so you can rant...I wouldn't want to get in the middle of that mess. Gotta love your mom for trying to help him though, right or wrong.

amie said...

all, that should say "all".

SpooWriter said...

What does it say about my state of mind that it took three readings to figure out what should say all? ;-)