Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It's the Little Things

Much was made a few weeks ago of the fact that Apple released its Safari browser (my browser of choice) for Windows as a beta (pre-release) download.

But while that's a momentous change (which my PC doesn't seem to like; I can't get it to work on my PC), of all the small changes I've found in Safari 3, these are the two I like best:
  • "Merge all windows."  I am a tab fiend; I am constantly opening new tabs, especially when doing google searches or checking all my RSS feeds -- I start from the main page and open up tabs from there.  But sometimes a site will automatically open up a new window; in the past, I'd have to close that window and re-open it as a tab.  Now, I just click Window | Merge All Windows, and voila -- all my open windows are tabs in one main window.
  • "Make text normal size."  My eyesight is really bad; rarely do I browse the net at the normal text size.  In fact, one of the first things I do on any text-laden site (e.g. a long blog entry) is bump the size up three or four times.  But there are some sites whose layout gets all screwed up if things are too big, and rather than bumping the size down, I just click apple-0 (or View | Make Text Normal Size) and things are good to go.

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Stacey said...

Hey Jennifer -

I met up with Rowena in Vegas last week and she said you were back updating your blog again! I hope that all is well with you -- I am going to read and see what you have been up to lately :) Are you on summer vacation now? I am on vacation from teaching til Labor Day -- let's meet up somewhere.

When you are in Florida you should look up my sister -- she is living there and teaching middle school English in the Orlando area. I think she will be back in Fl around the 11th of August.

Let me know what's email is staceyro at