Thursday, September 27, 2007


Writing With Symbols does not always play nice with my printers. Sometimes, it prints the bottom half of the page over the top half of the page.

A while back, I noticed that if I printed to a PDF file first (via a very old set of drivers that shipped with the pre-installed Word Perfect on this computer), most of those problems were eradicated -- plus, it gave me a chance to review the document before I printed it from Adobe Reader.

Tonight, however, it is not playing nicely. I've been trying to print chapter 9 of Charlie for, I kid you not, over half an hour. Chapter 8 worked flawlessly. I still have to make the questions that go with the chapters.

But I can't get chapter 8 to print!

Everything looks like this:

If I fix page 1 and get it working correctly, page 4 is all screwed up. Grr.

Edited to add: As much as it makes my techie heart weep, I gave up. I printed pages 2 through 10 with my laser printer, and page one with my inkjet, and prayed.

It's not printed double-sided, but it is legible.

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Maddy said...

I know that feeling all to well, and that's with just printing out someone else's symbol work rather than making my own. So I suppose you'll be down the shops tomorrow buying more ink cartridges then? Or maybe a new printer - yikes.