Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thank Goodness for Small Favors

Thanks to lots of sleep last night, I seem not to have succumbed any further to the epidemic plaguing my classroom; that is, I feel no better, but I also feel no worse.

However, the Bulldozer and E were both absent today. I didn't dare believe it was really true until around 9:00, but by then, it was pretty clear neither was coming. It was, naturally, a relatively calm day, except for Girl J (henceforth known at The Boss -- thus christened by Theresa (thank you) because she thinks she is the boss) decided that rather than actually do her journal, she would draw circles all over it.

In the on-going "ohmigod, Aide T, please come back soon!" saga -- Aide L, who was supposed to finish up the job until she can come back, was not at school today. That, more than my impending illness, is why I was so grateful that neither E nor Bulldozer were at school today.

I am now left pondering whether I would rather Bulldozer be absent tomorrow. On the one hand, if he is at school, he will likely be only partly recovered and likely very grouchy. On the other, Mondays are bad enough after two days home -- imagine what it'll be like after four!

In other news, Superhero has not had a snack for three days. On the first day, his whole snack bag was missing. He dug into his backpack, muttering, "Where is it?"

On the second day, he had a lunch bag, a Capri Sun, and a napkin. He poured it all out and said, "Where go?"

Today, he had a bag and a napkin. When I asked him what happened to it, he said, "Who say?" ("Who can say?")

He sits next to Preschooler I on the bus most of the time...I told his mom we'd check I for Dorito breath.

Meanwhile, has posted the groundbreaking news that The Seeker: The Dark is Rising bears little resemblance to the eponymous (mostly) book.


I coulda told you that when they changed the name from The Dark is Rising to its current title -- often shortened in the commercials just to The Seeker. Clearly, they were trying to distance themselves from the book.

Also? Why does Sam look like a blonde Vala (sans pigtails) in the Stargate: Atlantis teaser ad?

And finally, how on Earth did I forget that the Alien Nation movie DVD set (so far, a Best Buy exclusive) came out two weeks ago? Bad fan. No cookie.

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