Monday, September 10, 2007

How to Save Your Sanity

From here on out, my school days will be measured thusly: Did any children get lost?

So...Boy A hit Girl J at recess (right in front of Aide K, thus forcing Aide D to run over and save her)? Meh. Everyone is present and accounted for.

So Boy R's first real "spit" at me all year went right in my eye? Big whoop. No one is missing.

So we didn't get to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory until after lunch? Oh well. Head count resulted in 8 kids.

So Boy J decided to use his most obnoxious little baby voice for an hour and a half? Whoop-dee-doo. No one is walking alone on the freeway!

See? Life is good.

And, mostly tongue-in-cheek, a new daily feature of the blog:

School Days Since a Child was Lost: 1


Mz. Cat said...

Well, that is a good thing your staff didn't lost any tikes today. But, I got Shanna back! LOL!

SpooWriter said...

Mmm...of course, when I spoke with K about it, it got even scarier. I framed it as, "What happened Friday was really scary...."

"Yeah," she said. "You know, I didn't see [Girl J] all recess...."

And this is supposed to make me feel better?

Mz. Cat said...

Poor you. Thanksfully, during the morning, she has a fenced area to keep the kids in as well as myself + 2 other aides and Trina. She always leaves to use the restroom. I know your pain, since her very first assignment was with E! What fun was that? Did you know she is a mother of twins? Hmmm, ponder that...

SpooWriter said...

Actually, Aide P (with your old M) told me today that she once happened upon Aide K in the bathroom with your old J, who was...well, she described it as urinating in a circle.

"J! Stop!" Aide P reported that she said.

Aide K looked at her vacantly. (She was in the bathroom at the time.) "He's just going to the bathroom," she said.