Monday, September 03, 2007

Reasons I Think I Lost Some Karma Along the Way

The following things have happened in the last 24 or so hours:

1. A malfunctioning gas pump drenched my right leg, foot, shoe, and
sock in gas.

2. The smell made Patrick -- who had just taken Pepto for stomach
issues -- loudly puke said Pepto.

3. On my dashboard.

4. On my seatbelt.

5. On my ARM!!


7. My Internet is down. I've power cycled the cable box, the modem,
and my router. Repeatedly. Hence typing this on my iPhone, so
pardon any typos.

8. My car just started making a horrible noise. It'll have to go see
Dan. I have little money with which to accomplish this.

9. It is a holiday. Nowhere to rent a car. Thus, I will have to
drive the non-air-conditioned van to work tomorrow.

10. Bye bye summer school paycheck. See #8.

11. The Disneyland APs will have to wait a month. See #8. Patrick
will be ticked.

12. Did I mention getting puked Pepto on my arm? Or that my Internet
access is down? Or the car trouble I can't afford?

I thought so. Sorry for the whine...just had to get that off my chest.

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