Monday, September 03, 2007

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad

The good:

1.  The tow truck driver thinks it's just a belt.  He also thought enough of the engine's soundness that he tried to drive my little (malfunctioning) four-cylinder car up a very steep grade onto the flat bed tow truck.

2.  The Internet, after several off-and-on moments culminating in several "off" hours, is back.  Or, at least, it has been for about 3 hours now.

3.  I own ant spray.

Why is that a good?

Well, that's because...

...the bad...was...

...ants on my bed!

Oh -- also of the good -- the episodes of Sue Thomas (which I absolutely did not download -- and have not been downloading 3 at a time for weeks now -- from m i n i n o v a . o r g) have gotten back to ones I haven't seen.  At this point in the depths of re-run hell, this is definitely a good.

(Erm...why have I adopted Buffy speech?  I haven't watched an episode in ages....)

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