Monday, October 15, 2007


Have you ever been so tired your eyes hurt?  I don't mean a headache behind your eyes -- I mean the eyes themselves, right at the bottom eyelid.

I was never prone to insomnia until I started teaching.  It comes and goes now -- and, fortunately, has been mostly "gone" the last year or so.

However, I think that over the past week, I might have slept a total of two hours a night.  It's gotten to the point that I forgot to copy News-2-You at school today, and then forgot to bring home social studies -- which I was pointlessly going to modify.

I say pointlessly because I'd also forgotten that we have an assembly tomorrow when we normally read Charlie and that we will have to read Charlie tomorrow afternoon -- thus, no time for social studies.

So despite the fact that I will surely hate myself for this as early as, say, tomorrow, I plan to take some NyQuil (I've lost the Unisom I bought for Disney World and don't particularly want to drive to buy more) after dinner and try to sleep.

First, however, a couple tidbits from today:

1.  Only 3 meltdowns on a Monday.  Not bad, Bulldozer.

2.  Superhero's sister is sick.  Superhero doesn't appreciate this.  This means K gets all the attention.  Superhero REALLY doesn't appreciate that.

3.  Aide K started crying today because she just doesn't understand what she's supposed to do.  This was after I'd used the visual supports in the classroom to place kids at tables, told which adults to go to which table, and then told which kids to go to which adults.

4.  There was a sub aide today in one of the 2nd grade classes that has two kids fully included (M and J).  She is Aide K's long-lost sister.  She was inside the boy's bathroom after M and J finished and didn't notice they were gone, and later -- I swear to God -- was seen rolling around in the grass.

5.  The weather was cold, dreary, and drizzly.  I LOVE IT!  :-)

I think that's it.  Maybe more later if the NyQuil doesn't work...there's no point laying in bed staring at the ceiling.

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Amie said...

I have actually been that tired, on more than one occasion!

Barney's Beanery is just a little restaurant/bar in Hollywood...weird name but good food, fun atmosphere

thanks for all of your comments, btw