Thursday, October 18, 2007


One of the first words Patrick learned to spell as a kid was "pizza."  So, my parents and I learned to call it "azzip."  When he figured that one out, it became "that round food" and various other euphemisms.

Today at school, M proved once again that she is sharp as a tack.

(I made a vow to myself a couple of years ago, when I began to read blogs of folks who have autism, that I would never want to be "that teacher who thought I was dumb."  At the time, I was thinking of Now-Seventh-Grade-E, but that promise, as I was reminded today, applies to all of the kiddos in my class.)

In any event, M very much likes PE.  She especially likes to run laps, which helps her expend some of her excess energy -- and, I think, helps her constipated and impacted BMs be just a little easier and less painful.

Well, all the kids in my class go to general education classes for at least small parts of the day, barring one -- whose parents specifically requested that she not.  The fourth graders (Bulldozer, Boss, and PH) go to PE.

We have all very quickly learned to tell them, "Oh, it's time for Mrs. Teacher K's class!"

(And before you say it, yes, I should be desensitizing her to the word PE.  Please allow me to desensitize her to the notion of others using the bike and computer first.  The word PE provokes loud requests; the other two can provoke physical responses.)

In any event, today I told tow of my aides, "Oh, because of the assembly yesterday, that class we don't mention is today at 9:55."

Not two seconds later, we hear:  "PE!  Run!  PE, run!  PE time!  Let's go!  PE!  Run.  PE, run?  PE time?  PE time!  PE!  Let's go PE!"

Sharp as a tack, I'm tellin' ya.

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