Sunday, March 09, 2008

Perspective, Part 2

So, Discovery Health is on for background noise, and then I hear this:  "It's one of the deadliest bacteria around -- responsible for over 50 deaths each year."

Which, yeah, sucks for the midwestern town that got hit with it.

But you gotta stop and say: 50 deaths?  Tell that to most of the Third World.

Illness update:  Fever is mostly gone (though it made a reappearance tonight).  I'm planning to go to school tomorrow, because I was actually conscious most of today, and I'm worried about the chaos that will ensue if I don't.

But that means I'll probably crash -- hard -- the moment I get home tomorrow.

Also?  I curse my internal clock and circadian rhythms, which are absolutely certain that it is not 9:25.

And -- if it's Daylight Savings Time from March until November -- No-freaking-vember! -- (that's 8 months, folks)...isn't that, kinda by default, our "Standard" time?  By virtue of being 2/3 of the year?  Shouldn't the blessed few months that are normal be, like, Daylight Shortened Time or something like that?

1 comment:

Mz. Cat said...

Scary we cant get sick or the school may end up in FLAMES or worse. I feel your pain, but if you cant make it you cant. You dont want to be one of those 50 deaths.... LOL!