Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Question

Since before your sun burned hot in space, and before your race was born, I have awaited a question. -- The Guardian of Forever
Maybe the Guardian could solve this dilemma for me. Which event to try and summarize in a single sentence (my favorite of this year is summing Stalin up with, "On blah blah blah, Russia's mean leader Josef Stalin died."):

  • The Taiping Rebellion?
  • The Treaty of Versailles?
  • Legalized gambling in Nevada?
  • Televised Academy Awards?
  • Sarajevo reuniting?
  • The start of the Iraq War (Version 2.0)?
  • Or Mahmoud Abbas becoming Prime Mister of Palestine?
In a way, I prefer boring days. It's easier to summarize boring things like, "Montana became the xth state of the United States." But these? Eesh.

For the record, since I'm asking the kids to watch the news each week for election coverage anyway, I'll probably go with the Iraq War, but...well...geesh. Depressing much?

Edited to add: While procrastinating for this decision, I did a side to side comparison of a base Mac Pro and a high-end iMac, and the iMac is nearly $1000 cheaper, all told. However, once I upgrade the components up front that I would upgrade myself later on with the Mac Pro (memory and hard drive space), the price is nearly identical. C'mon, bank account....

(Also, my computer nerd mojo has deserted me. I just now realized that ETA = Edited to Add in blog-speak. I am shamed.)

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