Saturday, May 24, 2008

Beyond Ridiculous

Y'all know I've had a...dramatic...class this year.  Bulldozer, Superhero, and PH have been the main contributors, with M thrown into the mix too.

I know there have been days when the rest of them would've cheerfully pitched Bulldozer into the dumpster, especially after another hour of endless wailing.

I know there have been days when Mr. Voice was scripting at 90 decibels, Superhero was giggling the bad giggle, and Bulldozer was howling like he'd had an arm amputated.

(I even had to buy and $8 knock-off of these for poor M.)

But this is just...digusting.  The poor kid.

(By the way -- I have had an epiphany about PH.  He can still be a royal pain in the butt, and there are frequently times that he can be...well, not the nicest person around.

But the other day, he was so upset about being ignored by his whack-job mom that he made her a card that said "I miss you."  To the mom he freaking lives with.

He still drives me nuts...but I finally found the hook that enables me to have more empathy for him.)