Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Something Random

I could rant.

I won't.

(Although Program Specialist SBS got some of it, and was suitably shocked about M, Bulldozer, and Superhero all being taken off direct speech services.)

Instead, I'll say this:  a few weeks ago, I had lunch at uWink.  It is definitely for the techie crowd, but it's fun.  The food is pretty good too.  :-)  It's not, say, a special steak and eggs at Brent's, Knott's mashed potatoes, or a Red's salad, or even a Bear Pit sandwich.

In other words, it doesn't taste like one of those unique, local places, but it is good mainstream restaurant food.

And, yes, I eat at Knott's for the mashed potatoes and not the fried chicken.  So sue me.

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Amie said...

I like uWink. Sort of.