Thursday, June 19, 2008

Heroes Update

My continued apologies to Heroes fans; I'm up to the eighth or ninth episode of season 1, and I am definitely intrigued.  It strikes me as the type of show, though, that could easily veer off-course, delaying the big reveal of the mystery season by season because it's being renewed.

(Rather, I understand, like what's happened to Lost.)

The Simone story is...meh...and I sometimes skip past the Jessica/Niki bits -- I'm just not taken by that story yet.

I like Hiro a lot -- his enthusiasm is definitely endearing (and all the Star Trek references don't hurt :-)), and his excitedly showing Niki's kid the comic book that's about him was just awesome, and Mohinder's accent is...well, melt-worthy -- yay for the intro and epilogue he does on all the episodes.  I sense nothing but bad happening with the whole Claire and her father thing.

By the way -- it seems a huge stretch that Hiro's friend (Ando?) watched Niki on-line, so I imagine that'll have some meaning later, but we'll's just that years of watching Babylon 5 and other arc-driven shows have given me something of a sixth sense for things that are too convenient.

Also?  Niki's (ex-?) husband reminds me of Gunn on Angel...a lot.


Mz. Cat said...

I came upon Heroes after a client and a play facilitor talked about it with great gusto at each meeting. I had to see what it was about. Thankfully, it was broadcast via the net, since I don't have traditional TV in my home.

Alas, it is all a puzzle that once a few things come together they will get all mixed up again. My fave is Hiro and his side kick Ando. Somehow, I can imagine them on the Enterpirse doing pretty much the same thing. You will be pleasantly surprised who Hiro's Father is. (Did you know that the guy who plays Hiro has an IQ over 180 and works at George Lucas's special effects company Industrial Light & Magic doing CGI work. Gotta love that man!)

As for the whole Jessica/Nicki thing... it is so soap opera. The Ando/Jessica thing is not all that far fetched if buy into it. She is not one of my faves. Her son is awesome thought.

Be forewarned, when you finally reach season 2 it is a short season. They must have antipiated the writer's strike. Season 2 could have been much better but they get and A++ for having forethought. The writer even admits in an article that the season was a bust and apologizes to the faithful fan base. Consider yourself warned about season 2. Don't let it detour your final verdict.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add... yes DL looks a lot like Gunn. I had to check on IMDB to make sure. Another least fave character is the whiney cop. His story lines are good at times, but he just bugs me. -Cat-

SpooWriter said...

I adore Hiro. I'm watching the one with the waitress now, where he went back in time six months to try to save the waitress.

(I know who plays Hiro's dad. Very cool. Also cool was the guy at Claire's high school wearing a Battlestar Galactica shirt.)

I have some issues with the policeman who reads minds, only 'cause the FBI lady was, once, long ago on SeaQuest...but she looks nothing like her now. That distracts me. ;-)

As for season 2, I have quite the history of tolerating variations in shows a lot better than most people. When I was in Babylon 5 fandom, I became the Defender of Things Unpopular.

(The Claire stuff is gross. I have to close my eyes every time she gets hurt.)