Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So, the biological clock conspired to make me extra tired during the first week of summer school.  Oh well.

Two of the applications I sent in the last week of school vanished into thin air; one of these was for Sleeping Beauty, whose parents were all freaked in the first place about sending in the application late.  :-(

So far, my summer school class consists of (are ya ready for this?) Bulldozer, PH (who is on my roll but has not shown up yet), Hair Girl, Superhero, Mr. Voice, Sleeping Beauty (as of today), and, for one hour a day, 3rd Grade Girl B, who needs a nickname (I wanted Whining Girl but she actually hasn't yet....).

We're doing...okay.  The office had no idea who my staff was supposed to be -- but, then, they seem to know very little about anything having to do with summer school this year.  Anyhow, as it stands right now (unless Elastigirl's parents decide to send her), it's me, Aide L (the sub who came to our school the last three weeks or so, who I would keep in a heartbeat if I thought I could convince someone to combine two positions into one 6.25 hour position), Aide Mrs. B, and, for an hour a day, Aide D.

Bulldozer had a couple of meltdowns so far -- over the usual...like being told he couldn't put his Capri Sun on his Cheerios when it wasn't snack time.  As gross as it sounds, I'd have let him at any other time.

Superhero's been really, really, REALLY close to channeling his Red Kryptonite, but hasn't yet.

Hair Girl...hyped is the...restrained way of phrasing it.

And Mr. Voice got pushed into total meltdown mode this morning by Speech Aide C.

Anyway, the combined result of not knowing who on Earth was actually going to be in my class, combined with being kicked out at 4:00 on Friday, means I've been playing catch-up all week, when what I really want to do is GO TO SLEEP.

Oh well.

For amusement purposes, io9.com has a trip down memory lane.... (My side! Your side! My side! Your si -- whoops.  Wrong show.  Shut up, quote brain.)


Mz. Cat said...

Sounds like status quo as far as summer.

SpooWriter said...

In all honestly, it's WAY more discombobulated than normal.

Also, I don't like the principal. I sat with Superhero and Hair Girl again today waiting for their bus to show up, and when I walked into the office, he asked me to *get my students out there earlier, especially the "wheelchair ones."*

'Cause, you know, I really should sit with Hair Girl for even longer waiting for an absent bus, and while I'm doing that, I should put phantom kids on a phantom bus.

I realize he doesn't know me from Adam, but, you know, I *was* just sitting there with them, waiting....