Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sorry, Heroes Fans

I have this unfortunate history, when I begin watching a show after its premiere.  (That is, I catch it in reruns, begin a season or two in, etc.)

The show rapidly gets cancelled.

I've had the first two episodes of Heroes in my iTunes library for years, and I finally got around to watching them.


Heroes fans, I'm terribly sorry.

(Also: It would be a Universal show that is no longer carried on iTunes.)

On a related note, I am utterly convinced Hiro's name is Hiro solely so that his buddy could utter the line "Super Hiro!"



Mz. Cat said...

If you have Netflix,they have HEROES episodes online in their instant view. That is where I watched the show. I didnt get into the series until 3/4 of the way thru the first season. With the writer's strike, the writers seemed to plan ahead to not leave watchers hanging.

Such is life, many good things get cancelled. If it happens, it happens. Ah, well! (sigh)

SpooWriter said...

I do have Netflix, but online streaming doesn't work for Macs, which means I can't watch it on the laptop. I'd have to boot into Lore.

Mz. Cat said...

ah too bad... if you liked it, it would be worth it, if you didnt... ah well, then you arent missing much. I know that NBC, ABC and CBS have live feeds. Do those work on Mac?

BTW, I love HEROES!!!!!!!

I also love my being wireless. I have watched several movies via Netflix, surfed the net, and caught up on some news. Though, I feel better doing my IECP reports as well as a few other things on my other puter.

I am now off to play on my Wii. I am so damn sore from playing yesterday. I may not be able move tomorrow.

SpooWriter said...

They do, but not always well on the old computer (it stresses the processor and the video jumps).

I'll probably end up buying the DVDs after I watch a couple of more, if I continue to like them. ('Cause there are...other...ways to watch the show...not that I ever would, of course.)