Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympics (Gymnastics Spoilers)

Whether you watch the Olympics or not, if you get a chance to see the footage of Bela Karolyi watching Nastia Liukin's floor routine that NBC aired after the competition was over (and, I think, after the medal ceremony, but I stayed up way late to watch the whole thing) should.

I don't always agree with him, but you can't doubt his passion.

(Also, Bob Costas's reaction -- making a quip about journalistic objectivity after Bela grabs his arm and shakes it -- is almost -- almost -- as funny.)

ETA:  Ha!  Video here.

I normally root for the 'home' team during the Olympics (with a few exceptions, like the poor Romanian girl a couple of Olympics ago who had a cold, took Dimetapp...or possibly prescribed by her doctor and was disqualified for doping), because...well, imagine how awesome it would be to win in front of a stadium packed with people pulling for you.  Especially in a group-oriented culture like China.  So I did feel bad for an obviously disappointed Yang Yilin, who tried very hard to be stoic but whose facade cracked a couple of times.


Amie said...

You know how you are nice and put a little warning about spoilers right there in the title?

Yeah, I ignore them.

And then kick myself repeatedly.

(And I didn't not see it, I ignored it...just kept right on reading...)

SpooWriter said...

Err. Sorry?

(Expression of sympathy, not culpability.)