Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympics (No Spoilers)

I watch two events in the summer Olympics, generally: diving and gymnastics.  I typically prefer women's gymnastics because I find two of the men's events less than interesting (rings and pommel horse).

However, watching men's gymnastics last night, this one Chinese guy did a parallel bars routine that was just spellbinding.  It's a cliche, yes, but he made it look effortless -- even though the commentators pointed out that every routine leaves deep bruises (which you could see as he untaped his biceps after wards).

Also?  It was neat watching synchronized diving and seeing Wu Minxia again.  She's always been awesome to watch.  I didn't expect her back at this Olympics.

And finally -- I am so, so glad that the women are doing release moves from the lower to upper bar again on the uneven bars.  For several years they just kinda stood on the lower bar and reached for the top one -- even though I remembered watching earlier Olympics (and footage of Nadia) where they did swings from the lower to the upper and more interesting moves.  Yay for it being back.

(Oh, and, to be honest, most of the Chinese girls actually do look 16 or better to me, except for one whose name now escapes me.  (Deng Linlin?  Looking at the pictures, I think that's her.  You have to remember that gymnasts are often very small for their age, and mature physically later due to the exertion.)

Oh...and one more thing.  I realize I have very little interest in sports most of the time -- and therefore have no sports packages on my TV...but I wish it weren't only at Olympics time that it's easy to find gymnastics and diving on TV.

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