Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What I Learned Today

  1. Someone thought it would be a good idea to start the construction and then move the dusty, grimy furniture and boxes out of our classrooms.  Yippee.
  2. There are absolutely no pictures of Patrick Skene Catling, author of The Chocolate Touch, anywhere that Google can find.  Hence, a generic "man" picture in Writing With Symbols for the kids' "About the Author" section.
  3. Search "King Midas," and read how many different versions of the myth there are.  It's crazy.  In one, he's a nice but rather dim king who just doesn't thing.  In another, he's a selfish dolt who just wants to be rich.  In another, he's kinda halfway in between.
  4. New Boy B may or may not be coming.  If he doesn't, other kids from School GG will.  He's a vote for "the devil you know."
  5. Journals are done through September 11.  No, not cause that's September 11, but because it means I have 3 weeks of journals done.  Bonus:  I figured out a way to keep them arranged so I don't have to print them again next year.
  6. My portable has an actual computer center thing with extra outlets on the walls.  However, it's right next to my only option for a "quiet corner," which invites technological disaster (translation: flying electronics).  So, I have to move a few of the semi-movable but rather heavy bookcases over there in order to block the area off better.  This will entail moving boxes, though.

Meanwhile, I must go buy Clorox wipes.  Like...Costco quantities of them.

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