Sunday, September 21, 2008


*  Next week's homework is done -- yay!

(Well, it's made...not copied, collated, or modified, but still.)

*  Program Specialist SR is probably going to buy the school two copies of the update to Writing With Symbols -- one for SAI Person JW to use with Whiner Girl and one for me to use so that I can make more stuff to help SAI Person JW to use with Whiner Girl.

*  Oak Glen had maple candy this time.  Mmm.

(I was first introduced to it there as a kid, but never really had any more until a couple of years ago when I ordered some from Vermont Country Store.  However, I have been known to sneak a few pinches of brown sugar here and there.)

*  Rode the monorail with Imagineers on vacation yesterday, who mentioned that Tokyo Disney is going to get its own Soarin' Over California.  When I jokingly said, "Do they have to soar over California, or do they get to soar over Japan?" I got a non-disclosure type of "I can't talk about that" response, which suggests that they will, in fact, get to soar over Japan.  This goes nicely with rumors that Soarin' in Florida (I think I read about Disney filing permits) is getting updated.  Nifty.

(I, for one, think it would be really neat to have a movie for each continent, on a random rotation, so you could ride again and again and never know which movie you were going to see.  Of course, that really only works for repeat visitors...maybe a non-random rotation?)

*  One of those Imagineers works under the guy who designed the current fireworks show (Remember...Dreams Come True).  He's working on World of Color, the show coming soon to California Adventure.  What I didn't know was that he also designed Tokyo DisneySea's Mythica, which looks just awesome (like just about everything else at DisneySea, which is the one Disney destination outside of the US that I would kill to see) on the grainy YouTube videos I've seen of it.

*  That same Imagineer took an immediate liking to Patrick (I think she was a little taken aback that a gentleman with Down syndrome knew more than she did about the monorails, including the term (and location) "round house" -- the train and monorail "garage") and asked the conductor if Patrick could blow the horn of the monorail.

*  I am baffled that people think it's news that some Americans -- even (gasp) some Democrats -- have deep-seated prejudice that might affect who they would vote for in the election.  Um...we didn't really think that Barack Obama's race didn't matter at all, did we?  If Hillary Clinton were the candidate, we'd be doing polls on deep-seated misogyny, after all.

*  Peter David, one of my favorite Star Trek authors, got to go to George Takei's wedding.  Walter Koenig was best man and Nichelle Nichols matron of honor.  Congrats to George and Brad.  :-)

*  Maybe it's because I'm reading the last book of Stephen Baxter's Time's Tapestry tetralogy, but I've become fascinated with ancient Roman technology.  They had indoor plumbing, municipal water systems, roads created more or less the same way we create roads today, indoor heating (by way of heated water pumped through pipes in walls), air conditioning (by way of sheets of water in strategic places)...imagine what life would have been if the Romans had just discovered electricity?  Or the internal combustion engine?

*  And, finally, it is very difficult to find videos of hurricanes that don't have profanity in them.

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