Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 2

1. Wake up. Fall asleep. Try again. Get going at 9:30. Mini golf
opens at 10.

2. Discover pro football team at one mini golf course. Go to other.

3. Wait for tee time (!!).

4. Play actual golf like mini course. Patrick surprisingly good when
he aims.

5. Get free golf ball as souvenir. Mine has Stitch.

6. Downtown Disney. Shop. Too late for Planet Hollywood (must
return rental car) and their amazing, wonderful, delicious Caesar
salad (no,, REALLY).

7. Lunch at Earl of Sandwich. Pretty good. Run by actual Earl of
Sandwich, actual descendant if actual guy who invented sandwiches.

8. Return rental car

9. Voucherified taxi ride back to hotel. It would have been $60+

10. Nap.

11. Wait so long for bus for Epcot that we boarded third Magic
Kingdom bus to come by, then monorailed it to Epcot. Due to car
return, nap (essential for Patrick), commuting difficulties, it is
nearly 7:00.

12. Notice stinging in toe.

13. Ride Spaceship Earth, Nemo, and Figment. Stop frequently for pics.

14. Dinner in Morocco. Tangerine slush. Yuuuuuummmmmm. (Pleasant
side effect of unseasonably -- so says the news -- warm
weather...slushie carts are out.)

15. Dinner for Patrick in America.

16. Nearly 9:00. Park closes at 9:30. Decide on Maelstrom in Norway
and Donald in Mexico, then beeline for bus before Illumination is over.

17. Convinced of toe problem.

18. Maelstrom and Three Caballeros.

19. Beeline for bus. Mix up Caribbean Beach and Coronado Springs and
wait for wrong bus. (Been doing that since I made reservation.)

20. Wait for bus.

21. Back to hotel.

22. Toe problem is an old one -- one nail cutting into toe next to it.

23. Wonder who on Earth is dumb enough to come to Disney World
without bandaids.

24. TV, vitamins, snack, water, blog, SLEEP.

Also -- Patrick has fallen in love with the 7 Top Things to do in
Disney World that plays on a continuous loop on resort TV...or,
possibly, Stacy, the perky presenter. We have watched it many times.

Tomorrow: gift shop for bandaids and sunscreen (another oops), food
court for refillable mug, Hollywood Studios, nap, Magic Kingdom.

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