Sunday, March 27, 2005

Note to My TiVo

You do, in fact, have program information through April 11th.

So sayeth your own "System Information" page.

So sayeth your on-screen program guide.

So why, pray tell, are you convinced that no upcoming episodes exist for anything, either in the Season Pass Manager, or in the "Search by Name" sections?


Repeat with me: I do have program information. I do have program information.

So say we all. G'night.

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Anonymous said...

Jen -- FYI. Not sure if you will be out of school yet. I know I won't :( I'll have to see.

Stacey and Rowena,

I think that I will be attending the learning institute in June and will be stopping in Vegas on the way home and wanted to know if anyone was interested in going. I'm not sure if I have to stay longer in Iowa, but it'll be from the evening of June 10 to the 14th. If anyone knows how to get into contact with Jen, please pass this along to her.