Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Shameless Self-Promotion

I'm one of those people that gets very bored with her desktop image. On my PC, I have Webshots installed and it changes my wallpaper every 15 minutes. On my Mac, you can choose a folder to use for your desktop picture, and I have that set to change every 5 seconds, because it does a nice dissolve thing.

However, I've been using my PC a lot this week, making sound bytes for Patrick, and I've been completely stuck on one image, which you can find here. A description of it is here (it's the last one on the page, called "Hear Me.")

It's actually the story cover for this story. The guy is being tortured and the girl is trying to calm him down, is what it amounts to in the wallpaper.

Just thought I'd share...the thought just struck me as I was turning off Webshots, again, that this is very unusual for me...though it happens. Did the same thing after I made my favorite Lord of the Rings wallpaper, "The Bravest Thing."

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