Thursday, May 31, 2007

And More...


This is awesome.

I write mostly sci-fi fan fiction.

I have never flown in space. I have never flown in a wormhole. I have never met my alternate-reality self. I have never saved someone's life (that I know of). I have never (thinking of my stories, here, pardon me) wrecked my knee. Twice. I have never been involved in a wacky love triangle involving my late fiancee's brother and a Cylon.

In college, I took a class called The Holocaust in Literature and Film. For that class, I had to do a project. For that project, I created a compilation of diary entries from fictional people all over Lithuania during World War II. These included the school work (propaganda) of a 6 year old Lithuanian boy in favor of the Germans, someone telling the story of a Lithuanian resistance fighter (praising her), and (get this), a German soldier in the Luftwaffe (I think) talking about how horrible she was.

I hope I don't have to actually say that I'm not a 6 year old indoctrinated Lithuanian boy, 20 some odd year old Lithuanian resistance fighter, or a German Luftwaffe soldier.

I could go on.

But I'll just say this.

I also wrote about a deaf character.

I am...

...get ready...

not Deaf (culturally).

Or deaf (biologically).

Apparently, one of the those statements must be false, if you believe the folks who started all this. Maybe I should brush up on my ASL....

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