Friday, June 01, 2007

Stargate Atlantis Comments


Hit the back button right now if you don't like spoilers and/or did not see "Sunday."

1. If I've learned one thing about fandom by now, it's that Rodney, while appropriately guilty and traumatized now, will be back to hunky dory normal next week.

Witness SG-1, which has mentioned Janet maybe 5 times, shown her once, and mentioned her daughter once in a cut scene and once when Sam was dying.

2. Oh my frelling God, if you're going to steal the plot wholesale from SG-1 and whack your chief medical officer, don't steal the stupid eulogy too.

I mean, really. The best part about "Heroes" was Sam's eulogy, courtesy of Teal'c, pointing out that every life Janet saved was, in a way, keeping Janet alive.

3. If I know anything about fandom, there will be a lot of Ghost Carson Rodney/Carson fics ('cause, even though I haven't seen 'em, I'm sure they exist) 'cause that ending? Totally cheesy and totally an invite for...well...fangirly Ghost Carson hot lovin.


I fell in and out of like with SG-1 over the years (I'm currently in deep like, mostly 'cause of the whole Ori thing -- though the fact that I enjoy Vala tremendously and Mitchell often helps), but I've been mostly out of like with Atlantis.

The whole idea here...not lovin it. Sorry.

And it has nothing to do with my definite feelings of "meh" when it comes to the character.

Maybe it'll be better next year with Amanda Tapping -- my favorite episode this year was "McKay and Mrs. Miller," and the scene where Sam (played by an actress born in England and raised in Canada) mocks the Canadian "sorry" and the scene where she learns Rodney's real name is Meredith...priceless.

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