Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Only a Year and a Half?

Okay, so, here's the thing.

I forget what TV show it was on, but someone went on a rant about how, when you don't return a message, and then you feel bad about not returning the message, so you REALLY don't return the message 'cause it's all awkward?

(Geesh, I don't even watch Gilmore Girls, and that sounded...well...Gilmore Girls-y.)

Anyhow, the longer it was that I didn't update, the more I thought, "Wow, I should blog about this, only...well...I haven't blogged in forever and a day, and...."


Anyhow, reading a fellow teacher's blog inspired me to try to post regularly again.

Some posts will probably be about teaching, some about the disability rights movement, some about photography, some about family, and some about fandom.

You know -- same old, same old, from an eclectic teacher geek.

My first topic, however, is the "wank" going on over on LiveJournal.

Here's the thing. I don't actively read much fanfic anymore -- mostly a few old favorites. While I'm an equal-opportunity 'shipper, I mostly read rated PG-13 stuff at most. Yeah, a few of those qualify as slash, but I'm as likely to like Sue/Jack (from Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye), Mulder/Scully (um...if you don't know, you don't care about the fandom stuff I'm talking about here anyway), Riker/Troi (ST:TNG, and darned little of it exists!), John/Aeryn (Farscape), or Sam/Cameron (SG-1) as I am Xena/Gabrielle or Sam/Janet.

Here's the other thing. I shouldn't be, but I'm still kinda shy about the last two, and don't have slash or anything related listed in my interests.

To be honest, I don't get a lot of the 'ships (apparently, they are now called kinks, if they're not canon) out there. Opinions about slash aside, I just don't get Harry/Draco. And I really, really don't get, say, "twincest," which is one of the things ranted about in the link above (that would be Fred/George).

But randomly deleting communities because they write adult content about twins? I have no desire to read comms where that stuff is involved...but saying that you read about adult wizarding twins...ahem...boffing each other and saying that it's related to an online search for real pedophiles bothers me.

Deleting the personal journal of an incest survivor because "incest" was listed as an interest of hers bothers me.


Because, like many things, it's a slippery slope, and our increasingly puritanical society is getting slipperier and slipperier.

Because I consider myself at least something of an expert on World War II, but if I listed it, or, say, "Hitler," or "genocide" as an interest -- I might have been the next to go.

Never mind that my interest in that time is a sort of morbid fascination coupled with, believe it or not, my interest in the disability rights movement. (90+% of people in Germany with disabilities -- physical and intellectual -- were killed during WWII.)

I'm not a prolific writer, and my stuff is decidedly PG. Everytime I try to write more (such as a short Farscape story called "The Second Time" I've been working on), I get stuck. And I don't 'ship troublesome 'ships.

But I had to say something.

Meanwhile, I'm flashing back to my very first days on the Internet, in college, when I went looking for Star Trek fan fiction (which I'd just learned existed, but although my dad was a sci-fi person, he was not a fandom person), and stumbled upon the debate about debating about the flame war about debating about the flame war about debating about slash.



Rowena said...

Hi Jen. How are you? It's been ages...I'd love to catch up.


SpooWriter said...

Wow...I figured I'd be talking into the empty electrons for at least a few months. ;-)

What's up is a long story that I'll probably blog about this weekend.