Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Are You Tone Deaf?

Via Kristina's blog, a neat test to determine if you are tone deaf.

I love to sing. If I do it near my students, E. covers my mouth and says "good job." (In other words, "shut up.")

For what it's worth, I scored:

64% correct, which is the 12th percentile, and considered "low normal."

(Edited to add the actual link inside the post. I am brain dead.)


Mz. Cat said...

I got a 61%. However, I got really bored and just started presign the button to end it. Sounds like a few kids we tested on the CAPA, HUH????

SpooWriter said...

Sadly, I actually tried all the way through.

No wonder I get E's "shut up" kiss.

Oh, and -- I've been writing this %*%* IEP for 3 hours and I still have 3 boxes on the PLOPs page left. Grrr.

kristina said...

I got 75%-----took me a bit to get the hang of listening to the samples.