Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Well, that went okay. Certainly it was shorter than most of my IEPs...but they brought both A. and her brother M.

Meanwhile, I ordered the sixth graders' graduation presents; they should be here Tuesday. I just need to get A. something for her 'graduation' from my program to another one. Also meanwhile, I am finishing up the chapters I missed switchifying for Little House on the Prairie. My goal tonight is to finish those up and make journals and agenda book stuff for next week.

Over the weekend, I plan to start on the book we're doing for summer school (American History Through Poetry, I think is the title) and make journals for summer school. I still have to figure out something to do in the way of agenda books since ours stop the week after school is over. Then, the last thing I need to do is chop up a video file of Little House and switchify that as a whole-book review. I'm planning on burning a CD of those and sending them home with the kids (the program comes with a free player).

Packing for summer school should be easier this year; I'm going to bring their various folders, our bag of fidgets, and a few easy-to-transport games, and that should be it aside from basics like crayons, scotch tape ('cause E. + glue = big mess), and a few books.

Then I actually get a few days off before summer school starts....

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