Monday, July 09, 2007


The word, my friend, is "counterintuitive."

Counter = opposite to.

1. in the wrong way; contrary to the right course; in the reverse or opposite direction.
2. contrary; in opposition (usually prec. by run or go): to run counter to the rules.
3. opposite; opposed; contrary.
4. something that is opposite or contrary to something else.

Intuitive = your intuition.

Counterintuitive = the opposite of what your intuition would say.

adj. Contrary to what intuition or common sense would indicate: "Scientists made clear what may at first seem counterintuitive, that the capacity to be pleasant toward a fellow creature is ... hard work"

No results found for anti-intuitive.

In other words:  It is intuitive that the sample calculations are on the sample calculations page.  It is counterintuitive that the results graphs are in the table of contents.  Anti-intuitive is not a word.


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