Thursday, July 12, 2007

In Which I Prove Again That I'm a Nerd

I could complain about the 1/2 hour long rant I got before (or rather, the first half hour of) my home-teaching job today about the blended family dramas going on between A. and A.  Or the fifteen more minutes of it afterwards -- which included some of the drama with the oldest daughter too.

Of course, just like practicing social skills and self-control skills now that A. will need when he comes back to school in the fall -- assuming his immune system is robust enough -- building a good relationship with mom will help in the fall the first day A. has issues and the inclusion support person is not available.

I could also complain about my rampaging writer's block which has stalled three stories at the nearly completed stage and has rendered the most vivid mental images I have had in a long time a jumbled mishmash of words that won't even resolve into script format -- which I do sometimes if the dialogue (my weakest point) is actually really flowing.

Or I could stress about whether Miss T. will be at school tomorrow, because although Miss C. and I muddled along -- and although we eventually got a sub (at 10:15 -- and said sub had only ever worked with kids in the resource program at the middle school) -- keeping a lid on R (who has responded well to both a change in bus driver and positive behavior support plan Miss T. wrote for a class), who suddenly not only had to deal with sharing my attention -- which has been hard for him anyway -- he had to share it with about 5 other kids, because Miss C....

...well, because of Miss C.

Or, of course, I could berate myself again for not writing to two friends who've found my blog recently -- but summarizing my recent life is complicated at best.

I could worry about all of these things, but instead I am going to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am a total nerd.

When I first set up my iPhone (sorry Cat) I had to find a name for it. All of my other iPods have had singularly uncreative names like "My iPod" or "My New iPod" or "2nd Generation Shuffle."

I was inspired by a few blogs I read online to find a better name for my new iPhone: it is now named Moya, after the ship on Farscape.  I have also renamed my 2nd generation shuffle to Talyn, after another ship on Farscape.  I considered Enterprise, but I'm just in a Farscapey mood -- which suggests that my main, large iPod (named, get this, "5th Gen iPod") will probably become Lo'La, which is the last remaining Good Guy ship (unless I go for the generic Prowler or Module).

I have just named electronic devices after sci-fi ships.

Like, officially, as in the registered name that shows up when they appear on my desktop -- not as in a semi-affectionate nickname, such as my old computer Sparky (thus named after a cranky artificial personality on Babylon 5 -- as you can imagine, Sparky has Issues).

Can we get a chorus of "I'm a Nerd"?

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