Friday, July 13, 2007

The Storm of the Century!

There's an episode of Dharma and Greg where Greg takes over Dharma's pirate radio station.

(Just go with me on this.)

He really gets into it, and at one point in an intro for a record, says, (paraphrased), "To the weathermen out there:  this is San Francisco.  It rains from time to time here.  You don't have to stand outside or take video: we know what rain looks like.  And do it from a weather desk, not from Storm Watch Central.  Oh, and we have 98 years to go.  Let's not be hasty and call something the 'storm of the century.'"

(To preface this, I did not go looking for this quote; it showed up as a new article in one of my general Mac news RSS feeds.)

A Macworld article says in its first line: "Apple's iPhone could emerge as the most succesful product introduction of the 21st century, new research suggests."

I love my iPhone, Moya.

But it's 2007.  We have 93 years to go.  Let's not be hasty, hm?

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